Kristin Wiginton

Texas Woman's University
College of Health Sciences
School of Health Promotion and Kinesiology

About Me

Dr. Wiginton’s teaching career spans 24 years, with the last 17 on faculty in the Department of Health Studies at TWU. As an Associate Professor, she teaches a variety of skill-based and content based health education courses, with primary emphasis on Epidemiology, Social Epidemiology, and Health Advocacy & Leadership.

Dr. Wiginton has chaired over 40 doctoral students to completion of their dissertation studies and believes this process to be one of the most important and enjoyable aspects of her job. Her research interests focus on patient perspectives of illness - especially women with systemic lupus and other autoimmune diseases. Since childhood, Dr. Wiginton watched her mom live courageously with lupus while attempting to educate less than knowledgeable health professionals. Her maternal grandmother and aunt also had SLE, so she will always champion the cause of women living with lupus and other baffling diseases. Over the past year, Dr. Wiginton worked with Dr. Parker as a co-PI on a grant funded study for HIV prevention.

Dr. Wiginton served as a Captain in the Army Reserves as an Environmental Sciences Officer and received the Army Commendation Medal in 2002. She has published several articles and presents at national conferences, including the annual American Public Health Association and Society for Public Health Education conferences. Dr. Wiginton also serves on the editorial boards of several health related journals.

  • Office:  940-898-2842